August 10, 2016

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Witchcraft Exposed continued

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Spirits Are Subject Unto You

Sins, Iniquities,Transgressions, 

Spiritual death separation from God

Witchcraft Works and Effects Exposed


To TED LINE Listeners and Believers,
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Multitudes are in need right now of Deep Deliverance from the Hidden Oppression and the Hidden Works of Darkness, not to mention the Demon Spirits.
Many people more than I have ever seen in my 30 years of ministry need Healing, Deliverance, Inner-healing, and Exorcisms from Deep Spiritual evil that is being worked against them by Evil Spirits, Evil Human Spirits, Devils, Witchcraft, Demonic Influence and Demon Spirits.
Won’t you help us with a generous donation so that we will be able to Minister Life to them. Presently, I am not able to do it as much as I know that I should be because I have to stay busy going from day to day, it’s going to take you to “Help Me” I require your
Prayers and your generosity in giving money to this Jesus-Centered Prayer Ministry Work in order for me to be able to reach those who are coming to us on their last leg, some at the point of suicide. Like the woman with the issue of blood they have spent all that they had seeking help to no avail before coming here or finding out about the Integrated Healing Prayer Model.
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TED, Transformational Extensive Deliverance.

You will experience, glorious, expanded power set-free from within you! You will experience God's power, love, joy and peace, through and by the Word of God!. You will experience the delivering love of God to bring you the fruits of the Holy Spirit. You will experience being built up and equipped to know and walk in the fullness of what the Lord God has for your life, more confidence and faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. When your demons are cast out, that life will be brought to you!.TED, demonstrating to you the reality of the spirits being subject to you. You will experience the restoration, and empowering, of your Soul and Body through the Word of God. This will enable you to live by, and step out by faith. You finally will impact this world fully for the kingdom of God, through “His” Glory pouring out of you, to others. Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministering the Integrated Healing Prayer Model, a Prayer model that integrates, Deliverance, Healing, Exorcism, Inner-Healing and Healing during a TED LINE 40 day fast. Isaiah 58, Joel Chapter 2. 

Overpowering Spiritual Witchcraft

​By the Power of God (My Blogtalkcrashed)

Overcome by the word of your testimony

Cultural Witchcraft Spirit Deliverance

Open vision Erica Isaiah 57:58:59:





Every Morning



Casting Out Familiar Spirits identified by

Cross of Jesus Connections Tree 

Will add new message to painful for family

​Cross of Jesus' Deliverance Spirit Family Connections Tree

Erica Ministering through Word of Knowledge

​Ministering to persons on the TED LINE

​Transformational Extensive Deliverance

1.  The Spiritual Importance of Jesus' call to ministry.
2.  The Bible a Spiritual Book written in a Spiritual Language to a Spiritual people.
3.  You are a Spirit, Soul, sent from God to affect this earth,
before your Spirit returns to God, a Spirit who sent it.
4.  Because you are a Spirit, Soul, Body.  Spirits can fight you.
5.  Because you are a Spirit, Soul, Body.  Spirits can oppose, block and obstruct you.
6.  Because you are a Spirit, Soul, Body.  There can be a transference of Spirits.
7.  The basis of Spiritual problems.
8.  The only Spirit influencing the life of a Spirit-filled believer is supposed to be God's Holy Spirit. Evil Spirits know whatever Spirit is influencing the Soul will influence the will.
9.   Spiritual problems as they relate to those filled with the Spirit.
10.  Casting out demons (Spirits) "Jesus calls that a miracle".
11.  The Spirits Are Subject unto you.  Luke 10:17
12.  Cast Those Unwanted Spirits out of yourself.
13.  "Discerning of Spirits Gift"
14.  Prayer for Baptism in God's Holy Spirit.
15.  Spiritual Curses from God.
16.  Prayer Breaking Covenants with Satan.
17.  Spiritual Witchcraft.
18.  Prayers against Witchcraft.


Biblical Teaching on Witchcraft,Witches,Sorcery

​Witchcraft Deliverance following


Knowing God, Jesus, Holy Spirit

God knows you God's Word knows you

Home of the Integrated Healing Prayer Model

Reconnecting you to Jesus and connecting you to God