Spirits Are Subject Unto You

Testimony of Deliverance over Witchcraft Spirits

Satan Exposed, Cast out In Jesus name!

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 Omega Man Radio 8/3/2016

11 PM on Wednesdays

Wendys True Story Born a Witch born into 5th Generation Witchcraft Saved by The Lord Jesus Christ Delivered to the Kingdom of GOD 

God sees you and then you see "Him"

Casting out the Spirit of Hate and some of Hate's supporting spirits

Prophetic Deliverers Come Forth

102 Pansy St

Walterboro, SC 29488




Replay Deliverance

Incubus and Succubus, sex demons, Imaginary Friends and Children's Deliverance recounted 

Casting out Spirits Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub the Beast out of your Soul and Body, In Jesus Name


Word of Knowledge and Vacuum Law of Prosperity

Home of the Integrated Healing Prayer Model

Reconnecting you to Jesus and connecting you to God

The first 15 minutes lost  then 

Casting out demons by some of the Spirit names

Hidden Evil Covenants and Curses 

Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministries

​Transformational Extensive Deliverance

Recover Take Back and Strengthen Your Will 

The Devil tried to stop

the Show Jesus Won!

TED, Transformational Extensive Deliverance.

You will experience, glorious, expanded power set-free from within you! You will experience God's power, love, joy and peace, through and by the Word of God!. You will experience the delivering love of God to bring you the fruits of the Holy Spirit. You will experience being built up and equipped to know and walk in the fullness of what the Lord God has for your life, more confidence and faith in the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ. When your demons are cast out, that life will be brought to you!.TED, demonstrating to you the reality of the spirits being subject to you. You will experience the restoration, and empowering, of your Soul and Body through the Word of God. This will enable you to live by, and step out by faith. You finally will impact this world fully for the kingdom of God, through “His” Glory pouring out of you, to others. Erica Joseph Shepherd Ministering the Integrated Healing Prayer Model, a Prayer model that integrates, Deliverance, Healing, Exorcism, Inner-Healing and Healing during a TED LINE 40 day fast. Isaiah 58, Joel Chapter 2.